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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Bye2 2010...Hye2 2011

Another year is about to end,
Another year is about to begin...

Let's just hope 2011 won't be as painful as 2010...

For those who made me cry,
With every painful tear thank you,
It's called forgive & forget,
Yup that's what I'm doing...

For those I cared about & left me hanging,
Good luck...

For those who hated me,
Thank you,
You made me stronger...

For those who back stabbed me,
Thank you,
You showed me how FAKE people can be...

For the two faced people I met,
Still can't decide which face is real,
Mind helping me?

For those I still have & love,
Don't ever change...

Say GOODBYE to 2010 & HELLO to 2011...

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