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Friday, July 3, 2009

Wouldn't You?

Wouldn't you?
It rainy dear,
In the middle of the night,
The sweetest thing,
Is saying I love U,
I've pray that you,
would decide to stay,
so i could keep you one more day,
that you wouldn't turn away,
and leave me here all alone.
wouldn't you?

when morning comes,
as is sometimes do,
awake from dream,
and saying i love u,
i would like to know,
how deep is your love,
cause my heart start wondering,
wondering that if you would walk away,
away from me,
wouldn't you?

no, no my love,
please don't feel that way,
cause cross my heart,
and trust my soul,
I love you each and everyday,
and my love never fade away,
cause my heart is true,
I'll do anything just to be with you...
and i hope that you would too,
wouldn't you?

...especially dedicated to whom i belongs to...


  1. pada sape la penulis ini tujukan yea...hmmm.....

  2. To whom did u belong?emm...Gonna get my PI to investigate this matter.Huh.. Wait! I got a call from my PI. Is this real? It's....

  3. Hmm..what did ur PI said? huhu...



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